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Studio Sakelari

Luxury cushion collection "Flori Embroidery" Set of 3 Cushions

Luxury cushion collection "Flori Embroidery" Set of 3 Cushions

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Elevate your home decor with our exclusive "Flori Embroidery" Silk Cushion Collection, a captivating trio that combines the timeless allure of Italian silk with exquisite embroidery. This set of three cushions is a testament to luxury, style, and the art of crafting a cozy and visually stunning living space.

Product Highlights:

1. Italian Silk Splendor: Immerse yourself in the sheer opulence of Italian silk, a fabric known for its smooth texture and unparalleled elegance. Each cushion in this collection is enveloped in this luxurious material, ensuring both comfort and sophistication.

2. Flori Embroidery: The centerpiece of this collection is the delicate Flori embroidery, a floral motif that exudes grace and charm. These embroidered details add a touch of artistry to your living space, elevating it to new heights of style.

3. Striped Silk Companions: The set includes a pretty striped silk cushion, the perfect companion for Flori's intricate embroidery. Together, they create a harmonious blend of patterns and textures that exude coziness and style.

4. Versatile Trio: With three cushions in the set, you have the flexibility to arrange them to suit your decor preferences. Whether you scatter them on the sofa, adorn your bed, or create a cozy reading nook, these cushions are a versatile addition to your interior.

5. Italian Fabric Excellence: We source our fabrics from Italy, known for its rich textile heritage and commitment to quality. Rest assured, these cushions are crafted from materials that meet the highest standards of excellence.

6. Coziness & Style: The combination of Flori embroidery and striped silk evokes a sense of warmth and style that transforms your home. Whether you're hosting guests or simply unwinding after a long day, these cushions provide the ultimate in comfort and aesthetics.

Enrich your living space with the "Flori Embroidery" Silk Cushion Collection - Set of 3. Each cushion is a masterpiece of design and craftsmanship, a testament to the fusion of luxury and style. It's time to infuse your home with the elegance it deserves.

Experience the "Flori Embroidery" Silk Cushion Collection by Studio Sakelari - Where Artistry Meets Comfort and Style.

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