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Studio Sakelari

Luxury cushion "Window Frosting"

Luxury cushion "Window Frosting"

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Introducing the "Window Frosting" Linen Cushion Set by Studio Sakelari:

Elevate your interior with the soothing charm of our "Window Frosting" Linen Cushion Collection. Crafted with meticulous care and featuring a cool blue-purple print on warm natural linen, adorned with natural yarn lace, these cushions are a true masterpiece that brings a touch of Provence-style elegance to your decor. Created with love by Studio Sakelari, this collection of six cushions is not just decor; it's an embodiment of simplicity and beauty in the everyday.

Product Highlights:

1. Cool Blue-Purple Print: Immerse yourself in the calming hues of cool blue and purple that adorn these cushions. The print adds a touch of serenity to your decor, reminiscent of a frosty window on a winter morning.

2. Premium German Fabric: Crafted from premium fabric from Germany, known for its quality and durability, these cushions offer the highest standards of craftsmanship. The German textile heritage ensures that these cushions are not just decor but an emblem of German excellence.

3. Natural Yarn Lace: Adorned with natural yarn lace, these cushions exude a sense of rustic elegance and charm. The lace adds a touch of handmade beauty to your decor.

4. The "Window Frosting" Set: This set includes six cushions, each measuring 45/50 cm, allowing you to create an original and inviting interior with a touch of Provence-style simplicity. The restrained color scheme with a lavender pattern appeals to those who find beauty in life's simple pleasures.

5. Studio Sakelari Craftsmanship: Studio Sakelari's commitment to quality and artistry is woven into every stitch, print, and lace of these cushions. We take pride in offering you not just home decor but an embodiment of simplicity and beauty in the everyday.

Experience the "Window Frosting" Linen Cushion Collection by Studio Sakelari - Where Simplicity Meets Elegance. It's more than decor; it's an embodiment of the serenity and beauty of everyday life in your living space.

Elevate your interior with the soothing charm of "Window Frosting." Embrace the simplicity and beauty of Provence-style decor with Studio Sakelari.

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