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Studio Sakelari

Luxury cushion "Princess"

Luxury cushion "Princess"

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Elevate your interior decor with our luxurious silk decorative cushions adorned with exquisite velvet applique. These cushions collection "Princess" feature fabric made in the heart of France and are elegantly finished with trim braid and tassels crafted in Italy. They are the epitome of style, fashion, and glamour, meticulously made by Studio Sakelari with love.

Product Highlights:

  • French Elegance: Immerse yourself in the sophistication of French textile craftsmanship. Our cushions showcase fabric that embodies the timeless elegance of France, adding an air of refinement to your decor.

  • Velvet Applique: Adorned with intricate velvet applique, these cushions are a true masterpiece of artistry and attention to detail. The tactile richness of velvet adds a layer of opulence to your living spaces.

  • Italian Craftsmanship: The trim braid and tassels on these cushions are meticulously crafted in Italy, reflecting the country's legacy of fine craftsmanship. They provide the finishing touch of luxury to your decor.

  • Stylish, Fashionable, and Glamorous: Whether you seek a chic, fashionable, or glamorous interior, these decorative cushions seamlessly complement your aesthetic, creating an ambiance of sophistication and style.

  • Made with Love by Studio Sakelari: At Studio Sakelari, we infuse every piece with love and care. These cushions are no exception, ensuring they not only enhance your decor but also warm your heart.

Transform your living spaces into havens of elegance and glamour with Studio Sakelari's Silk Decorative Cushions, featuring French fabric and Italian craftsmanship. Elevate your decor effortlessly with the allure of European luxury and the warmth of Studio Sakelari's love.

Experience the sophistication of our decorative cushions. Indulge in the fashion-forward beauty and craftsmanship that Studio Sakelari brings to your decor.

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